Frequently Asked Questions About CEC

I am interested in having a speaker come to my business. How do I arrange to have a speaker from the Columbia Employment Consortium?

If you are interested in a speaker from a specific member, use the contact information provided for the organization on the Member's page.

How long has the Columbia Employment Consortium been an organization?

CEC was established in 2014. CEC members, however, represent years of experience and expertise in the employment of people with disabilities. CEC leverages the experience and resources of its members to better serve the disability community and Boone County businesses.

Is there a cost for services from Columbia Employment Consortium members?

There is no cost for CEC members' services.

How can my business benefit from working with CEC members?

The benefits for a business to work with CEC members are many and cost-free. The benefits include but are not limited to: information and guidance about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as consultation on accessibility and accommodations or assistive technology for employees with special needs. Several members work with persons with disabilities in the pursuit of obtaining and retaining employment, and CEC members can offer qualified candidates for businesses to consider for meeting employment vacancies. Once an individual is hired, CEC members can provide job supports to best ensure the employee’s long term job success.

What is my liability when hiring through/working with a CEC member?

Employees of CEC member organizations are covered by their organizations for any liability issues that may occur while on the job. Employer's working with a CEC organization assumes no liability for job coaches, employee site visits, etc.

What happens if I have to terminate or layoff an employee with a disability?

Although employees with disabilities may use reasonable accommodations to perform their jobs, they are still required to meet the same quota and performance standards as other employees. Employee's with disabilities are also required to follow conduct standards set by the business. Employers are only required to provide reasonable accommodations to employees and applicants with disabilities. Employers have the same right to terminate or layoff a person with a disability as long is the decision is based on job pefornance or business necessity.

What is the average cost of a reasonable accommodation?

According to the Job Accommodation Network, employers report that most accommodations cost nothing or very little. When employers do report spending more than they would for other new employees, the amount is around $500.

If I have questions about Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, who can I contact?

The Great Plains ADA Center provides technical assistance, information and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA Center provides information on a number of issues that effect businesses, including employment, customer services and accessible facilities. Call 1-800-949-4232 and a staff member will answer your questions.